Portablephonecharger.com is the Internet's one stop shop for portable phone chargers. Its premium products are 5200 mAh portable phone chargers and 3000 mAh solar phone chargers. It also carries car chargers, wall chargers, micro USB cables, cell phone accessories, and various other portable phone products. The website has a forum for people who want to discuss portable phone charger related issues, as well as articles about the latest info on technology and chargers.

The 5200 mAh portable phone chargers that they sell come with four LED lights located on top, which indicate the power the device holds. If there are four lights on, it means that the charger is fully charged; if none, it means the battery is empty. The portable phone charger can be charged through a micro USB cable on a computer, car or wall. When fully charged, all four lights will shut off. To open the USB output to charge a phone, or if one wants to display the power levels of the charger, all that he/she has to do is press the power button. This product is safe to use because it can detect if it is charging or not. If it is turned on while a phone is fully charged, it will automatically switch off in about half a minute. It can also come in handy in the dark because it can be used as a flashlight; simply press the power button once to shut the device off, and press and hold the same button to turn the LED light on.

To know what type of portable phone charger to buy, people must know how often they are away from their homes or their cars. Of course when they're in one of those places, all that they have to do is use their USB charger. For people who are out a lot and have to be on their phones often, the 5200mAh portable phone charger would be perfect for them as it allows their phones to be charged when needed. MAh stands for milliamp hour; it essentially indicates how much power a charger can hold. So the higher the chargers’ mAh is, the longer the charger will last. In the end, a person must know how much power he/she needs on a daily basis to determine the type of portable phone charger that would suit him/her the best.